A Little Enthusiasm Goes a Long Way

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A Little Enthusiasm Goes a Long Way


It is hot, hot, hot here in Austin! I’m not just talking about today – but for oh, the last 2 months. And guess what? We have another 2 months of heat to go before we can dry off, maintain sanity while touching a black leather car interior, or consider why we own even one pair of socks!

At this temperature, I notice that enthusiasm for anything, other than a swimming pool, tends to fall a bit short. If you find yourself in that category, here is an inspiring TED Talk that might help you in the “get up and go” area.

I find that what Benjamin Zander is talking about – having a passion for classical music while many others have yet to discover their love of classical music – is commonly the case for me with drawing. Somehow, in our culture, we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking that art is for a few elitist, over-educated, snobs… but art, the creation, and enjoyment of it, really is for EVERYONE – just a few million of you don’t know it yet!

I have enough enthusiasm for art that will live strong until you all get to experience how moving, awe-inspiring, and fulfilling making (and viewing) art is. I can’t wait for the day that you will all get a chance to express your inner worlds visually, and find the time to sit quietly, peacefully, with a pencil in your hand to record the world as you see it… And I dream of the day that people will wake up their eyes to see that having beauty and thoughtfully considered things around them, in their physical presence, in their homes and businesses, actually enriches their lives so much, that we really cannot live without it. Peace and energy can be created by good design and soulful visual spaces.

I realize I’ve only enrolled about 1000 students over the years, so I have a way to go! That is ok, I’m pretty patient too. And as Benjamin Zander says in his lecture:

“One of the characteristics of a leader is that (s)he does not doubt for one moment the capacity of the people (s)he’s leading to realize whatever (s)he’s dreaming. Imagine if Martin Luther King had said ‘I HAVE A DREAM! … Of course I’m not sure they’ll be up to it…'”

I’m excited just thinking of the day you start making art!