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Playing hooky this afternoon, instead of working on my business paperwork that I am way behind on…

some days this girl just has to draw to work it out…

Baobab Love, Laurie Zimmerman Mann


I created a memento for my dear friend (and former college roomy) Tracy. She got married recently to her handsome groomy, Deshant, in luscious New York City. The tree is a baobab tree, or tree of life.

I hope their love is as strong as the real tree this drawing represents. I hope they remember their love can be as fragile as the paper this drawing is done on. It can be erased, smudged, or torn apart if not treated with care… I hope they can store 32,000 gallons of love as a resource to endure harsh drought conditions, just as the tree trunk can swell with its own reserve of water so it can always nurture itself. I hope they develop a thick skin, resistant to fire, that can be used to weave their lives together, just as the bark of the baobab can be used to make rope, the ties that bind…

And I hope they know I created this drawing for them, out of my deep love for both of them, as individuals and together.

Note: I have not seen a baobab tree in person, (although I hope to someday). Photo credit goes to whoever posted this one on Wikipedia.