In Memory of Sue

by | Jul 19, 2013 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

There is something very personal that I get to share with my students. They willingly open themselves up in front of me – because in order to learn you really have to be vulnerable; mess up; expand yourself; try again when something didn’t work out the first time; discover. There is a lot of trust that happens in the studio. I feel very honored to share in that process with people. I respect their courage. And I love getting to know my students too. Often times I hear about their families, their dreams, their loves, their life.

I am very sad today to hear that one of my recent students has lost her battle with cancer. Sue would never talk too much in a group, she was a gentle soul who didn’t grab too much attention, but was always a good listener with other students. She was quietly funny. She was humble. She was brave in her experience of her health issues. In fact in the first year of group classes she first took with me, I didn’t even know she was battling cancer. It was only later in small group lessons and then private lessons that I had with Sue that I learned of her health condition. She loved drawing nature, and had a delicate, refined touch with a pencil. Her lines were naturally elegant, and she was so patient in her drawings. I will miss her. And I’m honored that our paths crossed on this life journey. Thanks Sue, Much love!