Does Your Kid Dream of Architecture? Drawing Lessons Are a Good Place to Begin!

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Does Your Kid Dream of Architecture? Drawing Lessons Are a Good Place to Begin!


Connecting Perspective Drawing to the Architecture Process

Drawing lessons are a good place to begin for those kiddos that are interested in architecture. Yesterday I had the honor of exposing one of my students to a subject that inspires him: architecture and perspective drawing. Carter, age 11, started lessons with me earlier this summer. He’s a smart, polite, and thoughtful kid who loves drawing. It has been a pleasure to teach him. Several weeks ago we began working on perspective, and I could see a passion and ability in Carter that is awfully rare.

Carter told me he loved modern architecture. When given the chance, he picked a difficult image of a house in which to suss out his budding perspective skills. I invited him to meet with a local architect who has a house under construction. The purpose of this was to learn more about what it takes to be an architect and connect the work we are doing with perspective drawings to the process of architecture. I have to say, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one of my students smile quite so big as when I extended that invitation to Carter!

Meeting a Local Architect

We met Charles Di Piazza, AIA of Di Piazza Cobb Architecture, at a building site in Central Austin and walked through the house in its framing stage. Charles first showed Carter the site analysis and explained the constraints of the site itself and the wishes of the client. Next, we looked at his sketches. Then, we looked at photos of the physical models and digital renderings of the project. Lastly, we walked through the framing and talked about the materials being selected for the finishes.

Tour of building site with Di Piazza Cobb Architect, Charles Di Piazza.

Tour of building site with Di Piazza Cobb Architect, Charles Di Piazza


After that, we toured the garden that links the site to the neighboring cafe. The garden is under construction as well and is being designed by Teneyck Landscape Architects and Di Piazza Cobb Architecture. We then headed next door to the cafe to look at Carter’s perspective drawings we’ve been working on in his lessons. He surprised me and brought a sketchbook where he’s been creating his own floor plans! He hadn’t shown me these before, amongst the other drawings he’d brought in to share with me! That was awesome to talk about together. We talked about what schooling it takes to become an architect and what it takes to get licensed as an architect as well.


Carter showing Charles his sketchbook of floor plans!

Carter showing Charles his sketchbook of floor plans!


Teaching Art is Rewarding

This was such a rewarding opportunity- to be able to see Carter’s face light up with excitement and imagination. We now have plans to keep working on perspective once we are back in the studio together, so he can create plan drawings of the houses he’s created floor plans of already.

I feel lucky every day that I get to bring together bright minds, share vision and passion, and help carve a path for the next generation. It was even worth sweating it out in the heat of a Texas July day!

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