Student in the Spotlight: Phoebe

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Student in the Spotlight: Phoebe

                            Ophelia, colored pencil, 2017 created with LZM Studio by Phoebe ©201

The Beginning to Now

In this Student in the Spotlight, we’ll be talking about Phoebe. Phoebe began lessons twice monthly during the school year of 2010 when she was a smart-as-a-whip 10-year-old.


She hoped to become a biologist studying animals in the field and wanted to know how to draw them. We continued our study of drawing for the next 7 school years. Now Phoebe is studying at the University of Texas. After some experimentation in Psychology & Neuroscience, Evolutionary Biology has captured her attention again. She hopes to continue on to graduate school to follow her original passion to study the lemurs of Madagascar! Over the years, her drawing skills have grown immensely – she is a very confident, independent artist now- and I’m very proud that she is pursuing her dreams. This is why Phoebe is our Student in the Spotlight!

Endangered Species Triptych, Scratchboard, 2017

Austin Zoo Project

Several years ago, Phoebe created a project for her Girl Scout Gold Award at the Austin Zoo – an endeavor that takes 90 hours of work. You can now participate in a scavenger hunt that Phoebe designed at the zoo, to help young visitors understand more about the animals the Zoo has rescued and why they are endangered. She also orchestrated the labeling of the native species of plants at the Austin Zoo with a master gardener. She also held an all-day Eco Summit in the Fall of 2016, complete with hand-drawn coloring book pages of the animals that can be seen at the Zoo. This young woman is a real Renaissance Woman and one to watch!

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