Even if you’ve never drawn before, the LZM Drawing Method uses an easy step-by-step system to build your confidence so you can learn to draw realistically. For those who have some drawing experience, but are missing key skills like perspective or shading light and shadow – this course will strengthen your know-how so you feel more capable of tackling any drawing challenge.

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“The handouts that accompanyy the video lessons are truly amazing. Often, I will go back and read over the notes for extra clarification. I sometimes process information better if I can read it, so the additional reinforcement puts your lessons over the top for me. I also appreciate the large number of images you provide for us to practice drawing. Sometimes it’s so hard to figure out what to draw! Thanks again for the time, thought and effort you’ve clearly put into creating your online drawing lessons. It’s fairly priced and worth every penny!”

Adrienne Forte, Teacher

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This is a subscription based membership that renews automatically.
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Plus Squad! An online forum to post progress drawings, ask questions, get supportive feedback from the community & from Laurie.

The subscription based course includes 8 tracks, taking you from Absolute Basics to full tutorials of finished pieces in the Bonus Projects track.

My method combines:

Over 100 videos – more than 20 hours of watch time!
Over 180 photos of objects to draw & example drawings to study.
Handouts to help you get the most from each lesson.
Tier Two includes Squad! access to our online Community Forum.

The LZM Drawing Method

My method is different than what other instructors offer in a few key ways:


I focus on drawing and only drawing with the most basic tools – sketch paper and graphite pencils. You won’t get distracted by other materials (paints, crafts, markers, etc) and buy hundreds of dollars of other supplies only to realize you’ve taken on too much and can’t learn it all! Most of my private lesson students master the basics in a year with a couple of hours of practice per week. Drawing is the crucial step towards mastering painting, sculpture, design—all the other forms of art you dream of creating. It is helpful to simplify and target this essential skill set so that you can move on to bigger creative dreams.


Once you learn the basics, I focus on how to draw volume. We work on creating depth and the illusion of space in your drawings, not just accurate outlines. Many drawing programs focus on accurate outlines. Creating the illusion of depth is my target goal for my drawing students because it makes drawings incredibly realistic and sets the pros apart from the hobbyists. My course on Essentials of Volumetric Shading can’t be found anywhere else and it is a unique and effective way to tackle creating depth in your drawings.


I offer step-by-step instruction by teaching you what an artist naturally sees. By explaining the components of how I’m seeing something and demonstrating it in a drawing, you learn to view things around you like an artist! I remember how unhelpful some of my instructors were when they said “just draw what you see” – but I didn’t know how to see what they were seeing! Over years of trial and error, I learned to see like an artist, and I can teach you how to do it, too.


If you subscribe to Tier Two, you join the forum to get feedback from me and a supportive community. People learn to draw through direct feedback, not just from studying from a book in isolation. Join us to find like-minded drawing geeks who will champion you to be your best!

Course Modules:

Absolute Basics

Learn about all your drawing supplies & how to most effectively use them. Additional exercises will teach you to develop hand-eye coordination and how to begin to make drawings of complex objects with a step-by-step building system.

Drawing Accurate Proportions

Learn my essential approaches for correcting proportion and shoring up your outlines with entirely freehand methods – no tracing or projections or shortcut crutches that keep you from the growth I know you are capable of!

Perspective Fundamentals

Perspective can be the sticking point for many students wishing to draw well. I explain it in ways that are accessible to the total beginner, so you can open yourself up to learning one of the most confusing aspects of drawing! Study the theory of perspective with a basic cube so that when we reference it in more advanced drawings you will be able to apply the rules of perspective to more complex subjects.

Spatial Thinking

I am extremely excited to offer this module because I’ve never seen this material offered anywhere else! This is how you integrate perspective into actual drawings, in a much more intuitive approach than theoretical perspective. Learn how the direction of our lines create convincing forms and volumes and really begin to SEE the way an artist sees!

Volumetric Shading

My method on Volumetric Shading sets this course apart from other drawing methods & isn’t available anywhere else online! I’ll teach you the tricks professional artists employ in each drawing, even when the lighting on an object or photograph doesn’t show the full volume of the form. This will allow you to create more realistic drawings and more volumetric imaginary drawings as well!

Line Quality

Learn to develop creative flair in your drawings with different line qualities.

Drawing Games

Relax in your drawing practice with Drawing Games that are fun for the whole family, a school group or even a party!

Bonus Projects

Lastly it all comes together in our Bonus Projects module, where all the basics are put to use creating amazingly realistic drawings with full length tutorials. I will continue to add to the Bonus Projects over time, so you will have more completed projects to follow with full length step-by-step tutorials.