Book Review: Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci & 3 Reasons to Draw the Masters

by | May 17, 2022

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Here is my review of a book of Da Vinci drawings and 3 reasons why you want to draw copies of the master’s drawings! Watch along and I show you some of the prints in this book, and explain why you might wish to copy other artists’ work- to improve and find your own artistic style! You might think this is just boring, old, white-dude-in-a-museum artwork, but it can still help you find your artistic voice! Or copy some of your favorite manga, anime, graphic novel artists’ works for the same reasons.


Because I pick these types of books up at used book stores, they can be old, out of print, and hard to find. You can always search for free online images of a master’s artwork to copy, as well, just look for jpgs that are at least 1000 x 1000 pixels so you can zoom in on detail without them getting blurry. Here are 3 other similar types of books that look to be available if you wish to buy your own, one of them has a kindle version for only .99cents!


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Leonardo da Vinci: 197 Drawings:

Leonardo. The Complete Paintings and Drawings:


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