LZM Fall 2020 Update

by | Aug 13, 2021

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Fall 2020 Update for LZM Studio! 2020


Y’all. Here is my Fall 2020 update for LZM Studio! 2020 has kicked my behind. Please be nice even though I’m cutting my own hair- hahaha! Hope you’re doing as well as you can be out there. Sending love and lots of drawing tutorials!


Here I’m introducing you to this new website where I have a TON more videos for you to learn how to draw online with me if you become a member. For those of you who have been following me on youtube.com for years, I have a stockpile of lengthier drawing tutorials for you to learn all the essentials to really learn to draw.


I teach all the same concepts and skills here that I do in my much pricier private lessons. And there is a forum where you can post your drawings, get feedback from me and support from other students! Follow the link HERE to register for a 7-day free trial today.


Lastly, in this video, I’m also introducing you to my super-new website that was made JUST FOR KIDS to learn to draw in school! Graphite Squad is a school program that runs 2 semesters, has loads of drawing content for 4th through 12th graders and can be used anywhere- even if your school doesn’t have an art teacher!


Videos, handouts, hundreds of photos to draw and drawing examples. Add ons are Grading Rubrics, printed handouts/book, teacher training- THIS IS A FULL PACKAGE! http://www.graphitesquad.com


Here’s to learning to draw online in 2021!


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For licensed access to an online drawing curriculum for school kids ages 8-18: www.graphitesquad.com


See more of my drawings & students’ drawings- LZM Studio:




Graphite Squad:




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