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by | Nov 15, 2015

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The History of LZM Studio


How we got started:

LZM Studio, LLC was founded in 2006 by Laurie Zimmerman Mann. I earned my MFA from Arizona State University and BFA from University of Michigan. Prior to starting LZM Studio I taught fine arts at colleges and universities, community art centers and private art lessons across the USA.



We wish to share the gift of PRESENCE (quieting the mind to perceive true awareness of our visual world), to create ease and mastery in EMBODIMENT (how to move our brain, eyes, hands and the physical matter of graphite and paper) so that all who endeavor may have the practice of a personal expression of beauty.



Teaching the skill of drawing at a mastery level to anyone who has the determination and openness to learn.



To teach drawing in private lessons, online tutorials and in person workshops around the world.



We will do our utmost to greet you with integrity, compassion and joy in your discovery of the drawing process in our sessions together. Our practice will encourage you to grow at a pace that stretches you and is achievable. Our instructors believe in your ability to learn, and overcome when you have setbacks and doubts.  LZM Studio creates a safe space for your range of humanity as you embolden yourself to drawing success.


Message from Laurie:

It has been nearly a decade since the start of my business, and I LOVE what I do.

Every day, I work with interesting, smart, kind humans from all walks of life, all ages and all experience levels in drawing. I get to teach people the beautiful meditation of creating… how to slow down and really SEE things… how to really be present to the things around them, so they may experience their bodies moving with grace to create their own delightful and unique vision of the world.

I work with people to make the world more beautiful. How lucky I am….


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