Review: Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 22 Degrees Pencil Set

by | Feb 24, 2017

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New Tool Discovery: Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 22 Degrees Pencil Set


Here is my review of the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 22 Degrees Pencil Set. Who knew Mitsubishi made pencils in addition to cars!


These pencils have proved to be quite nice, after use in the studio for the last month. They rarely break in my pencil sharpeners or just randomly. They have a great weight, a lovely lacquer feel to the paint, a fantastic labelling system on all facets of the pencil and a great case. My only two concerns: whatever am I going to do with the 3H-10H pencils that feel so scratchy and you can barely see??? And it is kind of a pain that they barely fit in my regular pencil sharpener and I have to use the sharpener that has an adjustable opening. Otherwise, totally worth the $!


To purchase the Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 22 Degrees Pencil Set click the link below


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