Trigger Point Work for the Artist (Book Review: Trigger Point Therapy Workbook)

by | May 26, 2017

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Trigger Point Therapy for the Artist


Are you an artist experiencing back pain?


How many of you are spending hours hunched over your drawings, only to stand up later and feel pain from sitting for so long? Even if you aren’t an artist, but work at a desk for 40-60 hours per week, you might feel some of the same symptoms: pain in your back, neck or arms.


You Don’t Have to Suffer for Your Art

Trigger Point Therapy for the Artist


This book really helped me to deal with pain that happens when the body is in contracted positions for a long time. It doesn’t replace a doctor’s insights, or a professional massage therapist’s care, and I am certainly not a doctor. But it helps me to maintain my physical well being in between visits with professionals.


Once you’ve read it, you can sort through where your pain is occurring, and where the pain might be sourced from if elsewhere in your body. You can then press on many trigger points yourself, with this trigger point therapy guide, to relieve some of your daily aches and pains – after a long day in the art studio.


This isn’t just for artists, either. It is helpful for anyone who has daily aches from repetitive use injuries, or even if you just have to sit at a desk all day- the trigger point therapy can help you.


I love it, it helps me to keep working in the studio for long hours. Hope this keeps you pain-free and comfortable too!


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