Why Draw 25+ Cats?

by | Jul 22, 2022

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Why Draw 25+ Cats?

Many scenes with people are also going to involve domesticated animals, so I do this exercise with students to enable them to draw cats whenever and whereever they’re needed. One of my favorite exercises with students is to find hundreds of photos of cats and draw a bunch of them on one page. Breaking down the cat into simple framework over and over again helps us to understand the form so that new pose is easier and easier to create with each new figure.

Use a simple framework like I did in these drawings to parcel out what the different segments of the cat’s body looks like. Your goal should be to capture the cat’s gestures—whether it’s sitting, stretching, pouncing, and so on. If you find drawing from photographs challenging, start by searching online for other cat drawings and copy those as an initial step. Once you feel more comfortable, progress to drawing from photographs. Lastly, you’ll want to draw from actual cats, so you might have to ask your friends’ and family’s pets to model for you!


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