LZM Studio Bloopers (because I’m not really THAT serious y’all)!

by | Mar 3, 2018

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LZM Studio Bloopers! (because I’m not really THAT serious, y’all)!

LZM Studio Bloopers

LZM Studio Bloopers

SO I know I say SO a lot. And I usually am a bit of a goofball when I’m teaching and you know, when I’m a real person out there in the world not teaching. But in videos I seem SO SERIOUS. That is because it is hard work for me, memorizing the order of everything I want to say and not messing it up. So here I am, messing a lot up and also entertaining myself right before I get SOOOO SERIOUS about pencils and shading and such. Have fun laughing at me. I sure do!


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