You really can learn how to draw.

From stick figures to still life drawings in 17 hours of drawing lessons!

Drawing lessons are really about teaching people to see their world in a new way. I work with people age 5 years of age through adult, giving detailed drawing instruction during private drawing lessons, that gives you new access to seeing, processing, recording and communicating about your world visually. It is a lot easier than you might think to learn to draw. You can banish those stick figures!

Learning to draw is often a life long dream, and most people can draw quite realistically with quality instruction. Not only am I thrilled to get to help you go beyond those basic stick figure drawings, I truly believe that having a creative outlet and means to express your experience of the world is invaluable for each and every one of us!

brookebeforeafter 2014
Brooke, Adult Student. BEFORE: 1st group class, AFTER: 19 hours of group class time.

Drawing Lessons will:

  • foster your ability to sequence, organize and plan;
  • build creative problem solving skills;
  • bridge communication gaps;
  • enable you to be more present and observant in your daily life;
  • help you to slow down and enjoy the little things in life;
  • give you a practice in which to experience the “flow state”: energized focus, full involvement and enjoyment of an activity;
  • enhance small and gross motor skills;
  • develop areas of your brain that will enable you to think more like a visionary than a worker bee.

I wanted to be sure I gave my son a chance to give me feedback in private, but before we were even out the door he said the lesson was “the funnest thing ever.” Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you.” -Susan, Lawyer/Mom of 10 year old after his first lesson

Eliza, age 9, BEFORE: early on in private lessons. AFTER: 1 year of private lessons.

Laurie has been a wonderful teacher who has given me basic skills in drawing. Laurie is a patient teacher. She is an inspiring teacher. She is a teacher who also stretches her students, helping them discover more about themselves. I can now draw! I continue to be a student of Laurie’s and look forward to each coming lesson.” – John Kinnaird, Business Owner/Dad, private lessons for himself & 8 year old son for 1.5 years +